Ar-Água 1993

Água – Mar, o pretexto, 1993

Gobelins experimental
Algodão, seda natural e ráfia natural e artificial.
Dims.: 74 x 66 cm
De expressão abstracta, esta tapeçaria é composta por uma moldura tecida e um espaço branco que representa a vela. Trata-se por isso de uma peça que estabelece a relação constante e permanente entre a água e a vela. Esta é, na verdade, o motor do movimento na medida em que, impulsionada pelo vento, conduz o navegador ao seu caminho. 

Air, 1993

This composition is developed based on two maritime elements: a scallop and the fossil of a shell. These items are juxtaposed on the tapestry woven to suggest a textural development using identical tonalities found in seashell and the shell fossil. This tapestry is divided in two segments. One is oriented to the left with iridescent luminosity, calm and poetic. The other is oriented to the right, woven with more earthy tonalities. These two segments are integrated in an aquatic depth that unites and supports them. This representation of air reveals how fundamental this element is to life itself, mediating between earth and water.

Water, 1993

Using an abstract expression, this tapestry is composed by a woven frame and a void, white space, evocative of a sail. It is, therefore, an item that establishes again, in another form and dimension, the constant and permanent relationship between the ocean and the sail. The latter being, in truth, the motor of the movement, in the sense that blown by the wind it takes the navigator on his journey. The white space can also be interpreted as a peaceful period, a pause and a tranquil moment in the vast tropical oceans. Or the notion of a void that can be meaningful when, in the middle of any project, there are moments of discouragement and hopelessness.